Writing and wine (not necessarily in that order) are two of my favourite things. Perhaps that is because both demand craft.

Craft — the relentless pursuit of elusive perfection — is what separates fine wine from flabby plonk, and fine writing from meaningless verbiage. In my view, the world has too much poor wine and bad writing. Unfortunately, the two often go hand-in-hand. The real victims, however, are fine wines whose virtues are obscured by uninformative or unpersuasive writing.

This blog aims, in a modest way, to help writers correct the imbalance. By taking a close look at everything from wine label reviews to wine magazine articles, the blog seeks to provide winery owners, winemakers, website content editors, freelance writers and others with insight into why some writing about wine is timeless while other writing is forgettable. The difference, as every marketing student knows, is critical to effective branding and competitive positioning.

My opinions are my own of course, so please feel free to share your perspective on what makes for compelling writing about wine. There’s nothing like a lively exchange, especially if accompanied by a glass of something special, to stimulate creativity and hone craft.


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