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Advice from a branding expert

Langley-based branding strategist Teri Conrad recently did some tasting on the Naramata Bench and was struck by the effective manner in which local wineries differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Here’s an excerpt from her blog post, focusing on the approach taken by Laughing Stock Vineyards:

They make it FUN and they show a LOT of personality!

Laughing Stock is a GREAT example! How’s this for marketing?: When they bottle a vintage they pull the ticker tape off right off the Wall Street Stock market and alert the companies who are mentioned and ask them how many cases they want! BRILLIANT!

Founders both came from the financial industry and so clearly so their tag lines like “How liquid are Your assets?” and “How is your portfolio performing? Ours is drinking beautifully.” show off their personality in spades!

Her implicit point is that these wineries make sure every piece of written content works to build an effective narrative that is unique to that particular winery. The point is well taken, and any winery can achieve similar success by focusing on their special story.

Lesson learned: Join a good story to well-designed branding and, as experience shows, the result is almost always increased market share.