Okay, I admit it. As a veteran imbiber of the grape, and a long-time member of the Opimian Society and other wine societies, I have a real soft spot for writing about wine.

Fortunately, in an on-going attempt to pair my life and my work, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to write about topics like the emergence of the wine industry in Arizona, pairing chocolate truffles with huge Oregon reds, and Summerland’s own Aloïs Thurn and his luscious, hand-crafted Okanagan vinegars.

I also have a particular interest in environmental management, sustainable economic development, and corporate social responsibility, all of which are becoming more and more important in viticulture.

If your winery or association needs help with writing new marketing materials, or sprucing up old ones, please give me a call at 778.479.4036 in Peachland. I’d be delighted to stop by, discuss your needs (perhaps over a glass of wine), and find a solution, schedule and price that are right for you.

Did I mention I will work for wine?


Barry Potyondi | writer

reVision communications



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